A 10-Point Plan for Fun (Without Being Overwhelmed)

A 10-Point Plan for Fun (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Safe Axe Throwing Tips

Axe throwing is slowly becoming a popular game among many people. People who have not mastered the rules and regulations of the game tend to shy away from getting engaged in axe throwing. Observation is a sure method of learning the rules of axe throwing since they are easy. One of the most essential rules of the game is knowing the safety tips that are involved.

If you are a starter or a regular axe thrower, here are some of the important safety measures that you need to know.
Sharp objects are used in axe throwing games, and so, there is need to ensure that no one gets injured. There is a rule that states of a distance that has to be kept between the axe thrower and the rest of the people.

There are usually a number of onlookers since axe throwing can only have one participant at a time. The axe can hit or cut any person and that is why you have to ensure that the distance is kept. No one should also be around the target since the sharp axe is thrown directly towards that target. Every person has to observe this very important axe throwing safety measure. Every axe throwing houses is also mandated with the responsibility of ensuring that everyone who participates in axe throwing follows this rule.

Axe throwing should be done only after ensuring that there is a first aid kit around. The essence of having a first aid kit is to ensure that whenever any accident or injury occurs, the victim can get help. There is also need for any axe throwing house to have emergency contacts just in the case where the accident gets severe.

It is also very important to check on the state of the axes before commencing any game. Check if all the axe blades are strongly intact and attached to the handle before they can be used. This is one of the ways of preventing the blade from dropping and causing an accident. The blade of the axe being used should not be too sharp. The blade’s sharpness should be moderated so that it does not cause serious accidents should any happen.

The blade where the axe lands on should also have a wide and strong surface. The target should be protected from falling off the wall due to the force of the axe, and this can be done by fixing the target strongly on the wall. The condition of the playing tools should also be checked after every game to ensure that they are good enough for the next axe throwing.

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