The Path To Finding Better Cybersecurity

The Path To Finding Better Cybersecurity

Stay Safe at Work with Cyber Security Tips

Every worker in a company has a responsibility to protect the system from cyber criminals even if it is not your main job to do it. If there is found a breach in security and you were found having contributed to it, then you will be held responsible for it.

Below are some tips that you should follow so that your system will stay safe at work.

It is important that your passwords are secure all the time. One of the things that you should avoid is writing down your passwords on paper especially sick notes that you leave on your computer monitor. If you do this practice then it would easily compromise your personal data very quickly. People can easily catch your password being displayed somewhere and can compromise your account really quick. Use a password manager for more security.

Sometimes, it is necessary for you to do work away from the office. Today, many stay connected to the internet through Wi-Fi at all times. When you are working with sensitive data like financial data , it is not safe to use a public Wi-Fi. But, if you need to use a public Wi-Fi and make important financial transactions, you can keep yourself safe by using your company VPN to do so.

You can easily drop small things. Would you take a USB you find lying on the ground that somebody has dropped. Most of us are tempted to check out what is in it. IN studies conducted, the majority of people who sees USB drives on the ground, get them and check its contents. This is a mistake that you should not do. You don’t know what is in it. It can contain a virus or a malware that can damage your computer or steal all your sensitive data. So, avoid using these devices.

A phishing trap is what criminals do to access corporate networks. It is important to keep in mind that no company is immune to these frauds, whether it is small or large company. This can happen to anyone. You might think you are safe, but your data can be stolen through phishing. Criminals are very quick to find opportunities to steal information. Your data can be stolen and sold on the dark web.

So how can you avoid phishing fraud? You simply don’t click on any link that looks similar to the website you frequently visit.

It is important to have back up to your data. Some businesses have lost financially because of some kind of malware that cyber criminals use. When people are unable to access their important files, they agree to pay the ransom amount demanded by the cyber attackers. Criminals target large companies because they pay large amount to save their data.

If you have data backup then you don’t have to deal with these data thieves.

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