March 27, 2023


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19 Movies From The Past That Wouldn’t Get Made Today

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These movies hit different in 2022 than they did when they were first released.

I think it’s safe to say that our culture has shifted toward being more socially conscious (which isn’t a bad thing).

Have you tried rewatching an old favorite recently and realized it doesn’t quite hit the same with 2022 eyes?

There’s a surprising amount of good, well-loved films that wouldn’t stand a chance if they were released today. And it isn’t just about aging badly, it’s all the different things that have played into our shifting perspectives.

Not all of these films would be big losses, but none of them would make it with today’s sensibilities.


To start, try explaining to anyone who didn’t live it that Robert Downey Jr. was nominated for an Academy Award for Tropic Thunder.

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RDJ’s character is supposed to be a mockery of the entitlement of white actors, but some feel he should apologize for the role because of the use of blackface. Fans of the film have justified that he’s playing an actor who would do blackface and that it doesn’t reflect his personal beliefs.


Heathers was a dark high school comedy in its heyday, but today it would be seen as a dark depiction of what bullying can lead to.

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The attitudes about high school violence and suicide in Heathers would lead to straight-up outrage if attempted in today’s day and age.


Waiting would cause outrage and probably lead to a follow-up hospitality exposé or two.

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The ick factor was too much for some people the first time around. Imagine now?


The Squints and Wendy Peffercorn scene from The Sandlot would not be seen as cutesy and romantic today.

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And neither would all the misogyny.


Just about every attitude in Bridget Jones’s Diary would get dragged today.

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There’s so much misogyny, problematic talk of weight, not to mention the straight up-harassment. 


Office Space would, at minimum, be seen as a much darker film.

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A lot of people probably wouldn’t appreciate Peter’s constant complaints about life and work, considering he’s a middle-class white guy with a desk job. And Milton might be considered a tinge violent.


Everything prior to the last ten minutes of I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry is high-key offensive to the LGBTQ+ community.

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The whole premise of Shallow Hal is the exact opposite of body positive.

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Gwyneth Paltrow would be dragged by 2022 culture for even auditioning for this role. 


Same for Revenge of the Nerds, which was slammed for racism and misogyny when it first came out.

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That’s not to mention we have totally different attitudes about fraternities and hazing today.


A drunk high school prom queen being passed by her boyfriend to another guy, with the promise she wouldn’t remember? That was, in part, Sixteen Candles, and it totally wouldn’t happen today.

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We’ve developed a different attitude about planes since Airplane! first came out.

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That’s not to mention the numerous one-liners that would have modern viewers incensed. 


Pootie Tang was satire but would still be seen as way too much today, and that’s without considering Louis C.K.’s involvement.

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What movie could you not see happening in 2022? Would your favorites survive? Talk it out in the comments!

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