June 19, 2024


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21 Must-Haves To Update Your Home Arts And Crafts Studio

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Whatever your medium or craft of choice, everyone loves a beautiful, well-appointed arts & crafts space. Whether it’s just a corner of your home or a whole dedicated room, you want it to be both inviting and inspiring. The more you like your creative environment, the more you will want to spend time working on your passions in that space, whether it’s painting, scrapbooking, photography, or digital art. While different crafts and art forms have different requirements for what makes a workable space, there are a few key components that transcend any possible need for your space, including easy access to materials, storage, work surfaces, and more.    

According to Spacewise, there are a number of places to set up a great arts & craft area if you haven’t taken the plunge, including small sheds, attics, or underused spaces like dining rooms. If you are looking to update your creative spaces, from large to small, we’ve collected a few key must-haves that will immediately improve both the functionality and style of your workspace, making it a place you’ll want to spend long hours making beautiful things. 

1. Lighting

While many artists opt for generic metal extendable desk and task lighting, this little table lamp from Article ($79) has a similar industrial feel, but with a more unique style.

2. Canvas storage

If you are an illustrator or painter, these compartmentalized shelves from Wayfair ($1,959) keep work organized and tidy as well as eliminate damage from pieces rubbing together. 

3. Marker, brush, and pen storage

These slender drawers from Jerry’s Artarama ($39) are a must-have for keeping your pens, markers, and brushes safely stored and easy to find. They are also stackable for more storage height.

4. Rolling storage cart

Whatever supplies you are keeping inside it, this affordable wooden rolling cart from Big Lots ($149) keeps things out of sight and can be moved to various areas of your workspace. 

5. Metal lockers

While many artists opt for more industrial metal cabinets, these adorable lockers from Wayfair ($275) serve the same function, come in a number of trendy colors, and have a little more distinctive style.

7. Pegboard storage

A longtime favorite for garages, a pegboard storage system, like this one from Amazon ($26), is a great addition for storing small things in your art or craft studio, as well as hanging scissors, rulers, and other larger tools.

8. Seating

Comfortable and adaptable seating is a must. These stools from Wayfair ($91) are both stylish and adjustable and come in various shades of leather to match any decor.

9. Tape dispenser

Whatever your tape needs, a great way to make storing it both attractive and useful at arm’s reach is a functional tape dispenser. This wood beauty from Jpkrhk Pen Shop ($19) holds a selection of washi tape, making it easy to find and pretty to look at. 

10. Foldable supply cart

This wood art supply tri-fold storage cart from Brodart ($2,614) is perfect if you are using a corner of another room as your art space and want a work area that can be tucked away when not in use. 

11. Trash can

In a space meant to make beautiful messes, a trash can needs to be both functionally sized and attractive. This metal can from Office Depot ($279) is sleek and modern in black while offering generous dimensions for all those first drafts, sketches, and leftover paper scraps. 

12. Rolling cart

With space on the side for rolls of paper, as well as ample drawers for other supplies, this gift wrap cart from the Container Store ($181) is not only perfect for stowing wrapping materials but also works for art supplies of all kinds.

13. Flexible work surface

Every art or craft space needs a functional and adaptable space for working. This corner desk from Walmart ($259) is a steal and offers space for both computers and laptop setups as well as a raised drafting table section.

14. Chalkboard

Whether it’s for sketching, brainstorming, or reminders, chalkboards offer an old-school feel and creative style to any workspace. This framed one from A Colorful Farm House ($197) is a stunner and comes in two sizes.

15. Rotating organizer

A round spinning organizer can lend a hand in storing small materials and supplies while also granting endless industrial chic style. Normally used for screws and other hardware, you can use these rotating organizers from AFTFasteners ($291) for everything from buttons to rubber stamps. 

16. Drawered cabinet

Resembling an antique apothecary cabinet, these drawers are perfect for housing small supplies. While you may not be able to get your hands on an antique apothecary piece or a vintage card catalog, these drawers from Sears ($71) are a great alternative.

17. Antique flat file

A flat file unit is a great way to store paper and other materials without having to fold them. While both new and vintage pieces can be on the pricier side and harder to find at a bargain, this beauty from Rehab Vintage ($3,200) is definitely a splurge, but would be highly functional and a showstopper in any room it occupies.

18. Kraft paper roll

In the realm of things you never knew you needed, this wall-mounted roll of kraft paper from George and Willy ($136) is a perfect addition to your craft or art studio space. It’s great for making notes, wrapping packages, and drawing sketches.

19. Wire storage baskets

A hardier alternative to traditional straw baskets, these metal ones from World Market ($9-13) allow you to easily see what’s inside each one. More importantly, they can be easily cleaned if you’re storing messy materials.  

20. Large scanner

An absolute must for those who create analog on paper is a good scanner. While they come in various sizes and at multiple price points, the very top of the line is this large flatbed Epson scanner from Office Depot ($4,399), which can fit artwork up to 17 inches long and takes picture-perfect scans every time. 

21. Standing desk or table

This flexible craft table from Uplift Desk ($599+) is perfect for using both seated, standing, and all heights in between. It also raises to hold supplies and materials at the ready. You can add custom accessories like more storage and lighting as well. 

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