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33 Fun Fox-Themed Arts & Crafts For Kids

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Arts & crafts are an important part of early childhood learning and development. These simple fox-themed activities are a fun way to teach kids about foxes while fostering creativity. From making fox masks and miniature finger puppets to playing fox-themed games, there’s no shortage of activities that can be used in the classroom or at home! Read on to learn more about how you can incorporate foxes into your learning environment!

1. Pin The Tail On The Fox

Free Printable Pin the Tail on Fox Game

Pin the tail on the fox is a fun and educational game for children. Simply print the fox and hang it on the wall. Then, have students cut out a tail and write their name on it. Blindfolded students can win by correctly positioning their tails on the fox!

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2. How To Fold An Easy Origami Fox 

If you want to create some fox-inspired crafts for school or home-based science units, then try your hand at making an origami fox! It’s very easy and only requires a few simple steps and materials – paper & a marker!

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3. Recycled Materials Fox Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Have you ever wondered what to do with your empty toilet paper rolls? With just a few simple craft supplies and a bit of creativity, you can easily create your own upcycled fox.

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4. Charming Fox Popsicle Stick Craft 

Making popsicle stick foxes is a hands-on way to teach children about these creatures. This guide provides an easy-to-follow tutorial. All you need are craft supplies including; popsicle sticks, googly eyes, pompoms, foam paper, and glue!

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5. Fox Hand Puppets

Fox hand puppets provide an excellent opportunity to explore imaginative play, the art of storytelling, and puppet making. This guide teaches learners how to make a fox puppet from paper, markers, and glue.

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6. DIY Fox Leaf Mask

Creating a fox face mask is great for children who want to learn more about nature while having fun crafting. Simply sketch & cut out a face outline on cardstock, glue brightly colored leaves onto the mask, and attach a stick for support.

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7. Paper Fox Collage

This tutorial will walk you through the process of making a paper fox using construction paper, chalk, googly eyes, and glue. Simply draw a chalk fox outline, and tear construction paper into different sizes and shapes to create the fox’s unique design. Finish it off by gluing all the parts together.

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8. Fox Hat Printable

This fox hat craft is ideal for Fall-themed celebrations and animal/nocturnal-themed projects. It’s easy to assemble and provides lots of fun. Print the template in black & white or full-color for your crafting project.

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9. Crinkle Paper Fox Craft Activity


Doing crafts at home or in an educational setting helps children strengthen their fine motor skills. This crinkle paper fox can be created by folding paper into fan-shaped patterns and gluing it onto a green cardstock background.

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10. Fox-shaped Valentines

heart shaped fox valentine craft text with an orange heart shaped paper fox

Kids can make a heart-shaped, fox Valentine card to express their love. Not only is it easy and inexpensive to make, but it can also be used as an educational tool to help teach children the importance of friendship and self-expression. 

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11. Beaded Fox Craft Keychain

Children can create their own unique fox keychains that explore various mathematical concepts like patterns, counting, and measurements while also exploring relationships between shapes, sizes, and colors.

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12. Autumnal Fox Leaf Craft

How to make a cute fox from an autumn leaf

This outdoorsy activity is fun and provides educational opportunities that help strengthen academic concepts related to science, nature, and the environment. Simply design & cut eyes, ears, whiskers, and a nose out of construction paper and paste it onto the fox’s face.

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13. Printable Build-A-Fox Craft

free build a fox kind activities printable

The Build-A-Fox activity promotes creative thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as basic principles of science and mathematics such as shape and pattern recognition, fine motor skills, and reasoning ability, both in the classroom and at home. Simply cut the pieces out and have your learners assemble them with glue. 

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14. Cut-and-Glue Fox Puzzle

This puzzle is a great way to engage learners and build team spirit in any learning environment. Students must correctly arrange the cut-out pieces of a fox in its natural habitat to complete the puzzle. This craft for preschoolers teaches students to think critically when solving complex problems.

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15. Child’s Handprint Fox

Kids can make a handprint fox using common materials like paint, scissors, paper, markers, and googly eyes to learn about forest animals. You’ll cut an oval out of construction paper, paint the child’s palm and fingers, allow it to dry, and then draw on features and add googly eyes.

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16. Fox Shapes Craft

This cute fox craft is a fun way to help children learn math concepts like symmetry, angles, and patterns while visualizing two-dimensional space. It teaches practical real-world skills. Print the template, use markers to color, then cut & paste the shapes onto the fox.

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17. Fox Dot Art

Dot Activity Animals - Fox

Fox dot art is an engaging activity for children, which involves painting dots to create foxes using different colors. A printed template and paint materials are needed to get started.

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18. Origami Hand Puppet

Origami fox hand puppets are a fun, no-mess craft for students. This activity allows them to bring woodland animals to live in their own fox puppet show! It’s a perfect prop for storytelling and imaginative play!

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19. Fox Gift Box

Through the activity of making a fox out of a box, students can develop their creativity and problem-solving skills. Create a fox gift box by covering a cube-shaped box with a brown paper bag and adding construction paper for the tail, ears, mask, and feet.

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20. Paper Plate Arctic Fox Craft

Teaching students about the wonders of nature through hands-on art can be an exciting and engaging experience. Using scrap tissue paper, paper plates, pompoms, and googly eyes, students can create their own arctic fox and learn about its habitat, behavior, diet, and life in the Arctic region.

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21. Step-By-Step Clay Fox Tutorial

Clay Fox

This guide presents a step-by-step process to help students create their own clay fox as part of a desert biome unit. With this guide, students will learn how to shape, paint and decorate their clay fox to resemble a realistic fox living in the desert biome.

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22. Desert Fox Diorama

In this diorama, and with a few simple materials, students can create their own miniature version of a desert landscape to observe, discuss, and investigate the behavior of desert foxes in their natural environment. They’ll also learn about the relationships between plants and animals in the desert ecosystem.

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23. Connect The Dots 

Connect The Dots and Draw Cute Cartoon Fox. Educational Game for Kids

Need a break from sticky glue and mess? This connect-the-dots fox activity is an enjoyable way for students to practice sequential counting. Students must connect the dots in the correct order to reveal a cute fox picture.

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24. Geometric Fox Coloring Page

This printable geometric fox coloring page provides an excellent opportunity for students to let their imaginations run wild as they color in shapes and patterns to create beautiful art while discretely exploring math concepts!

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25. Arctic Fox Craft 

Create an arctic fox handprint from the paper: trace & cut out a handprint, add triangles for the face and ears, and paste it onto black construction paper. Use a white paint pen to draw snowflakes. Last, add googly eyes!

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26. No-Carve Pumpkin Fox Design

For a fun, no-carve pumpkin design, turn a plain orange pumpkin into a woodland creature! Students can use paint and other materials to transform the pumpkin into an adorable fox with a cute face and bushy tail.

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27. Alphabet Craft: Letter F for Fox

finished F is for fox craft for preschoolers- the fox is created from the shape of the letter f decorated with feathers, construction paper, a pom pom, and googly eyes- kids activities blog

This is a fun craft to help children remember that the letter F stands for fox. This activity will teach kids letter recognition and give them a chance to design their own foxes.

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28. 2D to 3D Foxes

Crafting a 3D paper fox is a great way for students to practice following directions. This project will challenge them to use 2D paper templates to create a 3D object to be used in imaginative play.

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29. Papier Mâché Fox Craft Tutorial

Create a paper mache fox: cut out a cardboard base, form the head and muzzle from wads of newspaper, and add cardboard ears and cover. Cover the base with a plastic bag secured with masking tape. Add layers of paper mache strips, let dry, and paint with primer followed by decorative colors.

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30. Printable Fox Bookmark

Struggling to keep track of pages in your textbooks? An adorable, printable fox bookmark can save the day by marking their place and ensuring they don’t lose their spot. Simply have them cut out the printable and stick it into their current read! 

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31. Popsicle Stick Fox Puzzle

This popsicle stick fox puzzle is a fun and challenging activity for students. It requires them to arrange craft sticks in a certain way, forming an image of a fox. This encourages students to use problem-solving skills in order to complete the puzzle.

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32. Fox Paper Plate Craft Windsock 

This paper plate fox windsock is an intriguing activity for students to learn about wind science. With just a few simple supplies, they can create a whimsical fox that will dance in the breeze! It’s an amazing way to explore the power of nature and the properties of wind.

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33. No-Sew Fox Pillow

Get comfy with a no-sew fox pillow! Perfect for students learning about foxes in the classroom- this is a cozy fox craft to make! All you need is fabric, paint, hot glue, stuffing, and scissors- no sewing required!

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