June 2, 2023


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4 Freelance Platforms That Could Help Digital Artists Maximize Their Earning Potentials

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As a digital artist, are you struck with the question of – how to maximize your skills to make money? Well, Freelancers on reviewsbird.co.uk explained how some freelance platforms have been of great help in maximizing skills for money.

It is why  you need to check out these freelance platforms if you want to  maximize your earning potential. Aside from the opinions on UK ReviewsBird, you should also check  other opinions on freelance platforms to make the best decision regarding the freelance platform you should use to maximize your earnings.

To make your search a lot easier, we have come up with a list of the top four freelance platforms you should look at if you want to maximize your earning potential as a digital artist.

●      Upwork

Upwork is a freelancing platform where independent freelancers and agencies meet to conduct businesses. On this platform, clients would post a description of their projects and the price range they are willing to pay a freelancer who would complete it. As a digital artist, you may apply for the job, or even get a personal invitation to work on the project if it matches your profile. Apart from getting jobs with high pay, you can get qualified proposals in 24hours, track the actual time you spent on projects, you can also choose to be paid a fixed price or paid hourly. Either you want to work on long term projects or short term ones, the choice is yours. All you need to enjoy these benefits is create an account and start earning!

●      Guru

Guru is another platform you can trust to maximize your earning. It is one of the best freelance websites that makes it easy for you to work and earn online. You can search for jobs that match the skills and services in your profile. On getting a job, you can choose from four payment terms and create an agreement that works for you. Be assured that your payments which would be made before the commencement of any job would be secured with Safepay. You can also manage multiple jobs by using workrooms to collaborate with your team. Note that you can’t get any of these treaties if you don’t create a profile first.

●      People Per Hour

This platform connects clients to freelancers who are available for hire by hour or project available. On completing your online application to join the community, you get an approval and automatically gain access to numerous projects from international clients. You get the opportunity to write  proposals for jobs that catch your eyes, get your proposal accepted and make long lasting relationships with your clients.

●      Hire An Illustrator

Hire an Illustrator Is a community where millions of illustrators showcase their works and get hired for jobs. You get to earn as high as $44 per hour, especially when you are experienced in your field of interest.


These platforms are just some of the best platforms where you can leverage your skills as a digital artist to make money wisely. Take the opportunity to increase your income by signing up with one of them or directly onlinepokiesnz.co.nz today.

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