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Strategies That One Can Use To Hold Their Dental Employees Accountable
Dental medicine is a field of medicine that has a lot of people in and a lot more people graduating to be dentists. Because of the many people graduating daily, there is no shortage of competition and as such every dental practice should aim to stay ahead of the competition. Patients will only be loyal to a practice that seems to be working extra to make sure that their demands and needs are met. For one to have a practice that is well known for the kind of professional services that they provide, it is important to make sure that all the staff work as a unit to achieve success. Employees need to conduct themselves appropriately and with accountability to make sure that there is teamwork in the work they do. The ways that one can practice accountability in the dental practice will be discussed in this chapter.
Make sure that the employees are familiar with the vision, mission and standards for your work is one way of making them be accountable to the process. Standards may include those attributes that make your practice unique, the goals you have, the ways that they will be achieved and the role to be played by the employees in the practice. It is also key to make sure that the employees understand the importance of delivering the best services to the customers.
Another way of making sure that the employees are held accountable is by making sure that they realize how their efforts and responsibilities will be measured. Measuring the performance of the employees by giving them assessments of how they generally perform or work. These assessments can be done either thrice annually just to let the employees know your thoughts on their performance.
There can also be teachings, corrections and clarifications before any form of reproach is done. This is important because some errors cannot be avoided without proper teachings. Employees tend to be very accountable after they have been corrected and have the know-how of what is expected of them.
It is also very important to expect a reduced rate of the way mistakes and errors are made. In the case where the number of mistakes done keep on multiplying, then accountability can be made by making sure that there are consequences to making the mistakes. These consequences can either be, having an employee on probation or even going as far as terminating their employment.
It is also important to let there be open channels for communication that are very essential in making sure that trust is built in the dental practice. This can be topped with letting the employees have a voice to air whatever they may want to.
The steps above are essential for making sure there is accountability for a successful business.

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