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Top Paying Medical Marijuana Occupations

The marijuana business in the United States experienced a rise since the first few states started to legalize the sales of marijuana both for recreational and medical purposes. Generally, the research that has been done in the United States shows that about 31.4 dollars hold the marijuana market in that place. All this cash is not for a few people because you will find almost 200,000 part-time and full-time positions in the industry of marijuana. However, some of the positions earn high wages and come with benefits that are impressive than the others. Here are a few of the top positions that are highly recognized for being paid high salaries in the medical marijuana industries.

A technician of cannabis extraction is among the best-paid position in the medical marijuana industry. Generally, the already done research shows that a cannabis extraction technician is paid a salary of 75,000 dollars to 125,000 dollars per annum. A cannabis extraction technician comes in whereby in some states outlaws some patients to use cannabis flowers or edibles. To comply with the state laws; the cannabis extraction technicians use different methods to extract waxes or hemp oil from marijuana.

The professionals of growing marijuana is also another job in the industry of marijuana that is paid the highest. Another occupation you can get in medical marijuana is consultancy. By having a passion in sales, you might consider taking a cannabis expert position. Those who work in this make an average of 0,000 or more in a year and can come up with their schedules.

Prospective growers, as well as growers, learn how to run a marijuana business form a cannabis consultant. They offer knowledge about what the effects of the local laws to their business plus how they can identify the best marijuana strains to carry. The flood of people that are interested in the marijuana business has resulted in rapid rising of the need of this job.

The other job you can find in medical marijuana is the CEO of marijuana dispensary or dispensary executive. The profession that earns the highest amount of money in the marijuana field is the CEO of a dispensary. They top in the charts with wages going to $125,000 in a year. in addition to receiving the best salaries, you also have a benefit of beginning a clinic of your own. With the products ready for you, it is possible for you to check them. This work fits you if you love working in a retail shop that has a high number of clients . Rapid changes in the marijuana industry is happening after every day. States are turning mainly green even though the federal government has not legalized it.

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