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Dealing with Dementia

It is a very challenging task to deal with dementia a parent and at the same time be caring for children. A good advice can help parents take great care of their children and at the same time care for their parents. Dealing with dementia in a parent will be easy when one considers the tips that make caring for a dementia parent easy.

Talking to everyone about the decision one is making is very important as everyone needs to be aligned in one direction. After talking with your parents about what is about to happen, your kids to need to be placed in the know-how and explaining everything to them will really help. The age of the children should dictate the amount of information that is hard for them about the dementia care that will be given, this will inform them about the arrangement.

Parents with dementia will understand if their worries and confusions are addressed with short simple explanations. This might be because the parents might not get what you are doing at their house or what they are doing at your house or even fail to recognize their grandchildren. Frustration and confusion might kick in as a result of not understanding why you are in their house and other things. When the parents or even sometimes kids start to lash out and shouting it is very critical to find out why first before jumping into actions.

Shouting becomes common to the ailing parents and sometimes it’s the only way they know of how to respond to things. When everybody has lost their temper in the situation it is very important for one to keep cool as everyone is looking up to you for support. Giving your children breaks from all that is very important like arranging playdates with their friends. Reducing problems and acting out normally in the house will be a sight to be seen every day when the kids fell they are still cherished.

Caring for a parent who is suffering can be very draining and one need to find time to relieve himself of the stress. This can be easy to say but hard to do but before starting to care for your parents, one needs to make a calendar of the days he or she will be taking offs.

The parents who suffer dementia needs someone understanding to take care of them when their child has gone on a break and needs some quiet time alone. One need to always seek more advice about dealing with dementia in parents because there will be endless challenges. If one is overwhelmed it is advisable to share with them rather than keeping it inside you alone. Being friendly with the parents and kids will greatly depend on the sharing level of one’s stresses.

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