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Are Online Drawing Courses Worth The Money

New to drawing? Then you may well have considered one of the many online drawing courses that you have seen advertised.

It only takes a few online searches before you find adverts for drawing courses everywhere!

But the question is, are these courses worth the money.

In order to answer the question, you really need to take a step back and ask, is it even possible to learn to draw online?

Well, I think we can answer that question, and say yes. Why? Because drawing is a visual medium and the visual medium is very easily transmitted online. Sure, it’s never really going to be like going to a real life art class, and importantly, this should be reflected in the price that you eventually pay.

Whatever you choose, you should eventually check on to make sure that you are in fact getting the best deal you can.

When you do select an art course that is right for you, the art courses online reviews should be one of the ways that you validate that the course is a well respected and well run course.

Why Online Drawing Courses Can Be Right For You

If you are a busy person, then you may not be able to schedule time to go to an art class each week. It may even be that you are busy at the times the art class you want is running.

With an online course though, you have a lot more flexibility to attend the class at a time that suits you.

If you buy a course, then you are probably going to be free to take the lessons at whatever time you like.

You need the flexibility and online courses give you that.

Online drawing courses not only give you flexibility in terms of time, they give you flexibility in terms of the actual course you take and the price that you pay. You can choose from everything that is out there on the web, rather than being constrained to the courses that are being held in your local area.

So, flexibility can make online art courses very financially attractive.

Quality Of Teaching

If you have gone ahead and decided that you are going to take an online art course, then the next step is to decide on which course you’re going to take. The main deciding factor is balancing your budget with the quality of the teaching that is available.

Whilst it is possible to trip up here if you don’t choose carefully, you can quite easily take on a course from the thousands that are available that is within your budget and which has a high quality of teaching.

Once you’ve managed to do this, you’re home and dry.

Value For Money

Online art courses can give great value for money as long as you are clear about what you want to achieve from the outset. You’ll find everything you need online, and the quality of teaching can be almost as good … Read More..

4 Freelance Platforms That Could Help Digital Artists Maximize Their Earning Potentials

As a digital artist, are you struck with the question of – how to maximize your skills to make money? Well, Freelancers on explained how some freelance platforms have been of great help in maximizing skills for money.

It is why  you need to check out these freelance platforms if you want to  maximize your earning potential. Aside from the opinions on UK ReviewsBird, you should also check  other opinions on freelance platforms to make the best decision regarding the freelance platform you should use to maximize your earnings.

To make your search a lot easier, we have come up with a list of the top four freelance platforms you should look at if you want to maximize your earning potential as a digital artist.

●      Upwork

Upwork is a freelancing platform where independent freelancers and agencies meet to conduct businesses. On this platform, clients would post a description of their projects and the price range they are willing to pay a freelancer who would complete it. As a digital artist, you may apply for the job, or even get a personal invitation to work on the project if it matches your profile. Apart from getting jobs with high pay, you can get qualified proposals in 24hours, track the actual time you spent on projects, you can also choose to be paid a fixed price or paid hourly. Either you want to work on long term projects or short term ones, the choice is yours. All you need to enjoy these benefits is create an account and start earning!

●      Guru

Guru is another platform you can trust to maximize your earning. It is one of the best freelance websites that makes it easy for you to work and earn online. You can search for jobs that match the skills and services in your profile. On getting a job, you can choose from four payment terms and create an agreement that works for you. Be assured that your payments which would be made before the commencement of any job would be secured with Safepay. You can also manage multiple jobs by using workrooms to collaborate with your team. Note that you can’t get any of these treaties if you don’t create a profile first.

●      People Per Hour

This platform connects clients to freelancers who are available for hire by hour or project available. On completing your online application to join the community, you get an approval and automatically gain access to numerous projects from international clients. You get the opportunity to write  proposals for jobs that catch your eyes, get your proposal accepted and make long lasting relationships with your clients.

●      Hire An Illustrator

Hire an Illustrator Is a community where millions of illustrators showcase their works and get hired for jobs. You get to earn as high as $44 per hour, especially when you are experienced in your field of interest.


These platforms are just a few of the best … Read More..


Creating visually appealing pieces is a skill everyone is not gifted with. At first, “visual arts” was just used naturally in terms of paintings, drawings, and sculptures, etc. Now, with the evolvement of technology, this term also got electronic meanings which shifted towards the web development, Graphics Designing, and Motion Graphics, etc. Technological skills are essential in this.

Here, we’ll be discussing the overview of careers in visual arts tradition, as well as electronically. However, BritainReviews also got some news.

Before giving an overview, there are the best visual art online formative courses available. To confirm, check out Modern Studies Online Reviews.


Visual arts is anything that is created by using different resources and skills of creativity. There are numerous career options available in visual arts. 10 out of these are the best options to introduce yourself in. These are;

1.   Art Gallery Director

Being responsible for business operations, the art gallery director buys or creates a gallery full of artistic designs. He is responsible for managing day-to-day activities, scheduling exhibitions, and documenting the artwork of other artists, etc. Artistic and commercial success relies on the management activities of the director.

2.   Cartoonist

Cartoonist draws individual and sequential images on a piece of paper. In addition to the drawing skills, cartoonists draw advertisement cartoons too. Comic strips and comic books also come into this field. The opportunities for cartoonists is growing as the animation industry is growing.

3.   Cinematographer

All the technical decisions that fall into the category of visual images during film production is made by a cinematographer. It is a type of motion-picture photography either electronically or chemically. Management of overall visual aesthetics is the responsibility of these professionals under the right frame.

4.   Graphics Designer

Highly-paid domain in the field of visual artists in graphics designing. Their responsibility to make interactive visual designs on software using different tools to communicate with the audience. Instead of textual content, visual content is in-demand nowadays.

5.   Sculptor

The expressive qualities of form are found in sculptors who create and design different 3-dimensional statues. Materials used in this art are wood, marble, stones, and other moldable. Lost-wax casting and wood carving is also a small scale modelling which is the part of sculptor’s work.

6.   Painter

Using different colours and shades, gestural, narrative, and abstract art is the result of the action of painters. They use different modes like walls, papers, canvas, and wood, etc. With oil, watercolours, acrylic, and other painting media, hot wax is also added into it. Moreover, painters also use spray paints who commonly draw wall arts.

7.   Photographer

As the social media world is growing, the demand for photographers is also growing. Using digital cameras, photographers snap pictures or record movies. In several environments, artists use automated and/or natural daylight to capture photographs of different individuals, locations and objects.

8.   Landscape Designer

Designing landscapes is one of the best and most enjoyable visual art career options. It is similar to painting and … Read More..

Useful Gadgets for Creating Online Content

Creating quality and engaging online content is no longer peculiar to movie houses, television stations or music promoters. Nowadays, anyone can create contents, from visual arts, vlogs, YouTube tutorials, adverts (text or video promotions), reaching millions of viewers within a short period. Some online contents are, however, created for fun while some content creators make it a profession. Gadgets with powerful specifications are needed to ensure the delivery of quality online contents. Below are some of the important gadgets every content creator must have:

1.  A powerful Computer

Online-contents that deal with videos or photos require a computer with great processing speed, sufficient storage space, RAM and quality Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Creating online video contents, for instance, requires editing and rendering, which can only be achieved when the computer is powerful enough to run software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro. Such computers must also have quality resolutions, preferably with a widescreen and LED-backlit.

2.  Smartphones

Smartphones are common these days, but not all smartphones can be used for creating online contents. Vloggers require powerful smartphones with good camera quality, and Instagram enthusiasts to capture exciting moments for their viewers to see. Smartphones used for online contents should also have long battery life and storage capacity. It must also have quality software for written contents, light image and video editing and internet connectivity.  

3.  External storage devices

External storage devices are crucial for content creators. A lifetime worth of files can be lost in case of theft or damage of your laptop or smartphones. It is therefore important to have your files backed up on external storage devices as losing your files can be disastrous. An external storage device can also be used when you do not have enough disk space on your laptop.

4.  High Resolutions Camera

Quality pictures and videos for online contents requires quality high resolutions camera. If you need your online contents to be captivating, then you need to get the best camera you can afford to achieve this. Mirrorless cameras are preferable because they are easy to carry around, produces great image quality 4K video quality and have many lens options to choose from. Outdoor blogging requires a different type of camera, like a GoPro Hero Camera. YouTubers, Instagram enthusiasts and bloggers can purchase cameras like the CanonSL2 or Sony A6600 for their content creation. Smartphones with good camera quality can also be used in case your budget cannot cover the price of a quality camera.

5.  Standard video and photo editing software

Capturing photos or recording videos may not be enough when talking about online contents. So many times, the recorded videos and photos need to be edited to achieve the best possible quality. Captions may also be required on some of the pictures and subtitles on the videos. A standard video, audio and photo editing software is therefore required to make your contents unique, original and appealing. Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw are all examples of video and image … Read More..

Four Electronic Devices You Shouldn’t Ignore on Black Friday

Black Friday is both an exciting and hectic day to kickstart the holiday shopping season. Almost every physical and online store have lots of amazing deals to offer their customers on Black Friday. Things will not be different this year, as most stores are already getting prepared to provide massive discounts on their sales come 27th of November. If you look around different platforms on the internet, social media and even at the street corner, you will find different fliers or banners which contains the promotion of a company’s Black Friday offer. This is the period most people go reckless with their spending, especially those that go shopping without a shopping list. Before you go about accepting any black Friday deal, make sure you do your research properly. Check local stores online and in your vicinity, to confirm prices of particular items during the sales and on normal days. You should also read Online Reviews, for people’s experience on Black Friday purchases.

Are you interested in upgrading your phones or looking for gadgets that give better experience in the use of your mobiles at discounted prices? If you are, then look out for discount deals like black Friday and others within its category. You may also want to look out for discount sales on the following electronic devices on a Black Friday, as buying them may be worth your while.

A 4K Smart TV

If you want a better resolution and clearer view, a 4K smart TV is a non-negotiable possession that you might want to think of buying on a Black Friday. 4K TVs come with pixel counts that are four times the resolution of HD pictures, and their pictures come with more detail and sharpness. A 4k resolution is ideal for a large size TV, and you can get TVs with 4k resolution on discounts on a Black Friday.


In this era of digital technology, there is hardly anyone who fancies the use of earphones over AirPods. The reason is because of the many advantages that comes with using AirPods. AirPods are wireless and are connected to smartphones through Bluetooth connection. They come with smart gesture features like tapping, which makes it easier and more convenient to use. Their sound quality is also better than regular earphones. All of these advantages make the Airpod very expensive. During a Black Friday however, this amazing gadget may be sold at discounted prices. You can check previous deals to predict your chances of finding an airport at a good rate.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you work at home, there can be lots of distractions that slow down your work process, particularly if you reside in a noisy environment. A noise-cancelling device will help you concentrate on work and make you more productive. It is an important device to look out for during Black Friday sales.

Smart Phones

There are new models of smartphones from popular brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and more, that are quite expensive now. … Read More..