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DIY Shed Building for Absolute Beginners

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Have you ever wanted to start a personal project but didn’t go through with it? It remains dormant somewhere at the back of your mind waiting to materialize. Well, if you can’t stop thinking about it then maybe it’s time to bring that project to life. Instead of wasting yet another weekend on TV and sleep, blow the dust off your power tools and start flexing. Whether you’re a high-skilled builder capable of building full-sized houses or an entry-level noob stuck in the arts of building pillow forts, this project is for you. Building sheds might seem like its way above your skill level but don’t worry, we’ve made it simple.

Puff your chest out and breathe some confidence in. DIY sheds aren’t really that difficult. Even the least experienced builders would be able to build this shed if given the right tools. Check out 3D Shed Plans’ 12×16 Gable Storage Shed. They have plenty of maps and plans to choose from to get you started on your DIY shed. They even have plans for a 6X10 lean to storage shed as well as a 10×20 Gable Storage.

Lacking the motivation to start on your shed?

Take a good look around your house and make a mental list of the things you could put on separate storage. Your children’s toys, your building tools, bikes, and surfboards. All the things you want to disappear from your house but not permanently get rid of. Take inspiration from the idea of what you could do with the shed once it’s done.

Sheds could be used for several things. It could be used as a summer house or it could be used to entertain guests. Imagine the feeling of showing your friends around your shed and bragging to them how easy it is for you to build it. Many people would pay to have their sheds built for them. Why waste all that money when you, yourself can do it? All it takes is a little hard work and the right tools and voila! You are the proud owner and builder of your very own shed.

A Great personal project

Despite what other people might tell you, sheds are not that hard to build. Sure, it could take up an entire weekend and make your muscles sore, but it would be very much worth it. It’s also a great activity to bond over if you have a son or with your father. As long as you have common sense on how to handle tools and enough self-awareness to not hurt yourself with them, you should be just fine.

Do-it-Yourself projects can save you a lot of money while also bumping up your skills. Sure, it’s not for everyone. But if you have ever successfully assembled anything from IKEA, then you’re probably not one of those people. Projects like building a shed are not just a simple task but it’s doable. Just imagine the admiration and praise that you’re going to get from family and friends who just won’t go through with doing it as you did.

You don’t have to be Bob the builder

If you look at 3D Shed Plans, you’d be shocked at how easy they are. That’s because they are made specifically for beginners. Each plan is simplified and illustrated in 3D to assist you better. Included in the plans are various tips and step by step guides to make sure you don’t commit mistakes and blow up your budget. 3D Shed Plans has an extensive collection of plans to cater for every kind of shed that you might need. The plans can be downloaded as PDF and transferred to your phone to make it easier to view when building the shed.

Take it from the Pros

While making your shed, always remember these tips from professionals:

Location is important — This is probably the most vital tip. Before getting started, visualize your shed. What are you going to use it for and what would you put on it? Building it on the wrong location and deciding to move it later, can damage your shed, ruin your hard work and cost you a lot of money. If your shed will be used to store household items then it’s probably best to keep it close to your house but if it’s for storing garden tools or power tools, then it should have no problem being farther away.

Makes sure your ground is flat and stable. If you are ever going to use timber for your shed, then make sure it’s far away from water. Constant exposure to water will destroy timber and of course, your shed along with it. Rock foundations such as granite, limestone, and sandstone are still the best options out there. It doesn’t hurt to ask a professional for advice when choosing the location and the foundation of your shed.

Is there going to be electricity in your shed? You might also want to consider this when choosing your location. Placing it close to your house will make it easier to run a cable to it. Placing it a little far from your house might require you to bury your cables to safely get electricity to the shed. It’s always best to ask a professional about this before deciding on an ultimatum.

Strategically position your shed along with its doors and windows. Make sure that no trees are blocking your doors, or you might not be able to get in it at all. I may sound stupid, but it would surprise you to know that it’s a common beginner’s mistake.

Get your free shed plan today!

Browse 3DShedPlans and get your free building plan. Whatever kind of shed you’re looking for, the site has all of it, from the simplest to the grandest, most complex shed designs. It should be more than enough to keep the builder in you occupied and excited. All the designs are made by experts to make sure your safety and the structure’s stability is guaranteed.

Follow rules and regulations

Always consult authorities before starting out with your project. Homeowners’ Associations and even town officials sometimes have regulations and requirements that need to be followed when building something in their neighborhood. You don’t want to get ahead of yourself and encounter problems after the shed has already been built. Ask around for rules and strictly follow them.

Always remember that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Building a shed will always seem like a big, impossible project until it’s done. Then you’d look at it and think “Well that was easy”. Get your 3D plan on your phone and start making it happen today!

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