December 10, 2023


Without Art It's Really Boring!!!

Fayetteville artist, professor Dwight Smith on his art, a Q&A

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An African Proverb reads, “It can take a village to increase a kid.”

Be that as it might, it requires legitimate leaders to keep that village awake. Woke up in the spirit of light, our village, greater identified as the 2-6, retains a glow that derives from the affect of group gems.   

I welcome you to Gems of the Town — A community journal that uncovers pillars of light in the Fayetteville area. These gems you should not basically exist but are the spirit of the neighborhood via artwork, cultural counsel and civic engagement. Are you ready? Herein, the 1st Gem of the 910, Dwight Smith.

Correspondent SWT spoke with Dwight Smith about art in Fayetteville on Aug. 1. Right here are excerpts from the interview, with edits for clarity and brevity. To read the total interview, visit 

Dwight Smith is a Fayetteville artist and professor.

Gem No. 1: Dwight Smith  

Gem: African black opal

Occupation: Good artist, painter, affiliate professor, curator and  Ellington-White Community Advancement Corp. CEO 

SWT: “We will start off with the title, Gems of the Metropolis. A gem is known and thought of for its splendor or worth and is generally related with treasure. Do you outline oneself as a gem?”

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