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Signs That You Are In An Abusive Relationship

In most cases when a relationship is at the beginning stage it usually is full of bliss and magical moments. Once you have gotten used to someone’s company then it becomes easier to tell what their character is. Sometimes the relationship met an abusive where the physically emotionally or sexually. You can read more here about the signs and tips of getting out of abusive relationships.

Your Partner A Business You Physically

It is important that you are aware of the statistics on the number of death cases reported due to physical abuse in relationships as there are three women who die daily due to physical abuse and you can read more here. If your partner threatens to abuse you physically then that is a sign that you need to get out of that relationship. If you live with your partner, and they threaten you physically or become physically abusive leave the house and go to a place where your partner cannot find you and seek legal advice. There are several legal approaches you can use to protect yourself from a physically abusive partner, and you can read more here.

Your Partner Is Verbally Abusive

You can read more here about verbal abuse and how this is a sign that you are in an abusive relationship. There are various counseling options and you can read more here about them as a way to help you deal with emotional and verbal abuse in a relationship.

Your Partner Discourages You From Being With Your Friends And Family

When you have an abusive partner you will see that they will not want you to associate with your family or friends so that you are support system is cut off. If you find that your partner is cutting you off from your support system then you should try and reach out to your family and friends, and they can advise you in the best way to leave the abusive relationship.

An Abusive Partner Will Not Respect Your Boundaries

It is essential that your partner respects your boundaries whether it is access to your property or sexual consent. You can leave the relationship if your partner fails to respect your boundaries or you can read more here on how to re-establish the boundaries of the relationship.

Your Partner Is Manipulative

If your partner always finds a way of twisting your words and telling you the opposite of what you meant when you are trying to communicate something then that is a sign of an abusive relationship. You can read more here about whether your partner is manipulative and how counseling will help you deal with a manipulating partner in a relationship.

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