June 15, 2024


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Ford Would like to Convert Its Cars into Pictures Assistants

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Ford patent for a photography assistant, Ford F-150 Lightning in red shown tearing up some dirt.

Ford Motor Corporation has submitted a patent underneath its Ford Worldwide Technologies, LLC department to change upcoming Ford vehicles into a photographer’s assistant.

As described by Ford Authority, the patent, number 0269463, was in the beginning submitted in February 2022 and printed this previous August.

“The disclosure is normally directed to systems and approaches linked with a motor vehicle that is configured to give photography help. An illustration technique executed by [the] processor of a motor vehicle may possibly involve generating a assistance related with a picture seize operation and conveying the guidance to a car controller. The processor could assist the car or truck controller to execute a auto maneuvering procedure to capture a photograph of an item of photographical curiosity situated outside the house the auto,” describes the patent.

The patent describes probable vehicle maneuvers, like parking the car or truck at an excellent spot to photograph a selected item or even slowing the motor vehicle down even though driving earlier a photogenic place. The plan of a auto instantly slowing down so that its occupant(s) can consider a picture appears fascinating, albeit probably hazardous.

In accordance to Ford, an onboard processor could also identify if an item is inside the field of check out of a digicam mounted on the exterior of the auto or truck. The patent also describes a processor that can configure an exterior digital camera to seize pics.

The patent’s contents basically beg the issue, “Why is this anything photographers need to have or want?” To that, the patent outlines the difficulty it aims to fix: “Capturing a photograph of an item located exterior a shifting motor vehicle can be really demanding, especially when 1 is unprepared for using the photograph and/or is unaware of an forthcoming possibility to do so. It is thus fascinating to address such shortcomings involved with photography.”

That claimed, lots of photographers use their cars as an extension of their all round pictures package, not just for having from place A to place B. A lot of wildlife shooters, for case in point, use their vehicles like a makeshift, portable blind for safely and securely and successfully photographing skittish wildlife. There are even products and solutions designed to make it simpler to rest a lens on a auto door.

It is simple to visualize the utility of a semi-autonomous vehicle that can locate and properly observe wildlife as it moves by means of its habitat.

“Cars have a lot of home, fantastic visibility, a terrific seat, heat, and even a radio. I would estimate 90 percent of my white-tailed deer photography is from my motor vehicle. Compared with approaching on foot, a car does not threaten an animal approximately as substantially,” suggests photographer Jim Roetzel in an write-up from the National Park Support.

Maybe a vehicle that can detect when a superior photo option is in the offing and notify its occupants is not such a outrageous concept soon after all.

Picture credit history: Ford

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