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All You Need to Know About Vitamin B17 and its Health Benefits to You

The vitamin B17 as a supplement drug has caused controversy since the 70’s since there are claims that it can prevent as well as reverse cancer. The drug was banned as a supplement, but the vitamin can be found in many foods. Some examples of foods that contain this vitamin are raw nuts, seeds such as buckwheat and millet, the pits of some fruits such as apples, cherries or plums, and vegetables such as carrots, butter beans, and celery. The B17 compound in the vitamin is broken down into three separate components, one of which is critical in solving various health challenges. The cancer-fighting properties of this component are from its ability to kill such cells, though it’s been attributed to killing non-cancer cells as well. Blood pressure has been treated in the past using this component. Learn what benefits are available to you from consuming the vitamin in this article.

One of the health benefits of this vitamin is its blood pressure lowering effect. The vitamin has an almost 28.5{538a101957294943754965f78eaa4b77a8d1f71507fe015fdeca9b6d3d841b6b} result in causing stability for systolic blood pressure. The rate is high enough to contribute significantly to your blood pressure stability. You can achieve a more significant benefit from using vitamin B17 together with vitamin C so that your blood pressure is taken care of to the utmost level.

Another health benefit you can gain from using vitamin B17 is pain relief. Many animal studies have been done over time to ascertain the effect of vitamin B17 in reducing pain that comes from various common inflammatory conditions. These include such conditions as arthritis, joint and muscle pain. Human studies have not been conducted on this so far, but instead of going for painkillers in the pharmacy, why not try taking some of the food items with this vitamin the next time you have a headache?

The vitamin can add to your immunity through its immunity boosting characteristics. A strong immune system is crucial for daily functioning, especially regarding season changes and as kids go back to school. With vitamin B17 in your diet, you may avoid the next cold you were bound to have. Research done not long ago suggests that one of the elements of vitamin’s compound has the ability not only to improve immunity levels but to also deal with prostate cancer cells.

High doses of the supplement, when taken, are associated with various adverse side effects. Taking only a daily vitamin and some of the foods that have this vitamin are not likely to cause any negative implication. You can also combine vitamin B17 with vitamin C to counteract adverse effects.

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