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Without Art It's Really Boring!!!

Hidden depths of musical devices disclosed in artist’s striking pictures

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11 February 2022, 13:54 | Up to date: 15 February 2022, 10:27

The inside of a cello
The within of a cello.

Charles Brooks

Photographer Charles Brooks invitations us to find the interior workings of our musical devices…

Musical devices are usually considered of as stunning from centuries-old violins, to new gold lacquered saxophones, they are often a operate of artwork in their personal correct.

But have you at any time puzzled what the inside of your instrument looks like? Perhaps you have peered into a gap concerning the strings, or pads, to only have been fulfilled with darkness.

Now, as portion of New Zealand photographer, Charles Brooks’ sequence, ‘Architecture of Music’, we’re presented a exceptional insight into the inner operations of our tuneful equipment.

Brooks, a talented orchestral cellist who has done with the likes of Lang Lang and the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra, takes advantage of his information of tunes to develop these intimate portraits of instruments.

Employing amongst dozens to hundreds of individual frames to produce each individual photo, Brooks creates the illusion of space in his photographs, “tricking the mind into believing that it’s looking at an expansive chamber you could wander through”.

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  1. Lockey Hill Cello Circa 1780

    The within of a unusual Lockey Hill cello from around 1780. Photographed while underneath restoration at the Stringed Instrument Company in Auckland, New Zealand.

    Lockey Hill Cello Circa 1780
    Lockey Hill Cello Circa 1780.

    Charles Brooks

  2. The Beautiful Architecture of Steinway

    The action of a Steinway Design D Grand Piano. Photographed at Lewis Eady’s in Auckland.

    The Exquisite Architecture of Steinway, Part 1
    The Exquisite Architecture of Steinway, Aspect 1.

    Charles Brooks

    The Exquisite Architecture of Steinway, Part 2
    The Exquisite Architecture of Steinway, Section 2.

    Charles Brooks

    The Exquisite Architecture of Steinway, Part 4
    The Exquisite Architecture of Steinway, Component 4.

    Charles Brooks

  3. 14k Gold Flute Inside

    The interior of a Burkart Elite 14k Rose Gold Flute. Photographed whilst less than restoration at Neige New music Atelier in New Zealand.

    14k Gold Flute Interior
    14k Gold Flute Interior.

    Charles Brooks

  4. 1940s Selmer Well balanced Motion Saxophone

    The inside of a 1940s Selmer Balanced Action Saxophone, owned by renowned New Zealand Saxophonist Dr. Roger Manins. Photographed though beneath restoration at Neige Songs Atelier.

    1940s Selmer Balanced Action Saxophone
    1940s Selmer Balanced Action Saxophone.

    Charles Brooks

  5. Fazioli Grand Piano

    The sublime action of a Fazioli Grand Piano. Photographed at Sly’s Pianos, Auckland.

    Fazioli Grand Piano Part 4
    Fazioli Grand Piano Element 4.

    Charles Brooks

    Fazioli Grand Piano Part 2
    Fazioli Grand Piano Component 2.

    Charles Brooks

  6. Australian Didgeridoo

    A exclusive watch inside of an Australian Didgeridoo by Trevor Gillespie/Peckham (Bungerroo) of New South Wales.

    Australian Didgeridoo
    Australian Didgeridoo.

    Charles Brooks

  7. Kawai Grand Piano

    The Millennium III action of a Kawai Grand Piano, KBB Music, Auckland.

    Kawai Grand Piano Part 1
    Kawai Grand Piano Element 1.

    Charles Brooks

    Kawai Grand Piano Part 2
    Kawai Grand Piano Aspect 2.

    Charles Brooks

Discover far more in Charles Brooks’ Architecture in Tunes series on his site.

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