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The Top Pennsylvania Labor Laws That Every Employee Should Know

It is evident that in Pennsylvania employees are faced with employment distribution having filed charges which totaled to 4516 and all of them regarding employment discrimination. The charges that were included in the employment discrimination included race, sexual harassment, religion, and gender among other kinds of discrimination against employees. The Pennsylvania employment law outlines all the basics that job seekers and new employees should learn to protect themselves against all forms of discrimination. It is wrong for you to wait until something is wrong to learn about your rights as an employee in Pennsylvania. The article below outlines the top labor law basics that you should learn as an employee or job seeker in Pennsylvania.

While living in Pennsylvania state you must understand the employment laws. Many are the times that learning the labor laws that pertains to Pennsylvania employment law could seem intimidating for most people. However, the article outlines all their labor laws job seekers should learn.

The employers are mandated to have a discrimination free working environment for all employees. Equal treatment of employees is a right for every employee living in Pennsylvania. You have to ensure that you receive equal treatment and your employer is not discriminating you on the grounds of disability, race, age, origin, and gender. These wrong discrimination grounds do not even give your employer and right to even fire you as you can be able to justify yourself in the court of law. Even the city of Philadelphia strongly protects all the people living in this area against sexual orientation discrimination.

If you lose your job in Pennsylvania, you are qualified for compensation as a result of the job loss. If you qualify for job loss compensation while in Pennsylvania, they first assess the reasons why you lost your job, and they also assess or your total earnings in the last 15 months of employment. However, if you are fired due to willful misconduct while in business you do not qualify for the compensation.

Your employer is responsible for injuries at the workplace. If employees get any injuries while at the workplace, as an employer working in Pennsylvania you are liable to all the charges. For any workplace injuries, your employer should pay for all the medical bills. You are still entitled for your salary even if you have not been into work if that is as result of workplace injuries.

In some cases you will be eligible to have a medical and family leave. You can have a leave of up to 15 weeks, which is unpaid, as an employee in Pennsylvania. You are eligible for the unpaid family and medical leave if your spouse, parent, or even child has a serious health condition.

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