March 24, 2023


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‘My job could be done so much faster’

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This professional photographer shared what she says ruins most family photo shoots: dads with bad attitudes.

You might think that kids would be the No. 1 reason a family photo session goes sideways, but according to TikToker and professional photographer Han (@hannahholpay), it’s actually the dads who are often the biggest culprits. In a video Han posted to TikTok, she describes why she can’t stand it when dads behave as though taking a professional family photo is an inconvenience.

The clip opens with a shot from a video stitched from a TikToker with the username @lukesmom21. In the video, the woman is upset after an unsuccessful family picture day in which her husband rushed the whole process so he could get back to playing video games.

“I cannot express to you guys enough how many men show up to photo shoots throwing a fit because they have to be there,” Han declares, addressing the camera. She explains that, ironically, their poor attitudes make the process take longer than it usually would.

“If you guys would stop pouting like little children because you have to take pictures with your wife and family, my job could be done so much faster,” Han says, before breaking down why this behavior is problematic — even beyond holding up the shoot.

Han says that while moms take many pictures of their husbands with their kids, dads don’t always return the favor. So a mom will often book the family photo shoot in the first place to ensure her kids have a decent picture of her to look back on in the future.

With that in mind, Han concludes that it’s ridiculous when dads complain about spending an hour taking photos with their own families. She finally tells them to “grow up” as the video ends.

“I have no pictures of myself and my son when he was small.”

Viewers ultimately agreed with Han on the importance of preserving memories through family photos.

“My college photo professor stressed to us that we need to take photos of our moms, [because] often they aren’t in the picture, and then when they are gone, you have nothing,” one user shared.

“I have no pictures of myself and my son when he was small. The ex never took them, and that is so painful,” mentioned one parent.

“It’s a small gesture, but every time I see a mom taking pictures of her kids in public, I offer to take a family photo,” one kind viewer commented.

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