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Outlining The Benefits Of Safety Razor Over Cartridge Razor

There has been an increase in the number of people who have switched the use of cartridge razors to safety razors. There are credible motives that informs the drastic switch.

The reason that has stood out prominently for the change of the shaving tools is the aspect of cost. The cost of buying a cartridge blade is way above what you pay for a safety razor.

After using a razor for a while, the obvious outcome is that their endurance will be cut down. Users with sensitive skin will be more suited to settle for a safety blade.

Apart from having just a single blade that can is two sided, a safety razor is designed with a protective bar that shields your skin from cuts. The multiple blades in a cartridge will require regular replacing as the process of getting blunt is more accelerated.

You will not find flexibility when using a safety razor and you will rely on your expertise in shaving. In contrast a cartridge is more versatile and you are assured of a smooth shaving experience.

Using a safety razor will take a longer time if you are to have the desired result. For those who want to be through the process of shaving more quickly, they are better off going for the cartridge.

The methods used to get rid of used safety razors are not convenient and safe. The small stature of safety razors makes them unfit to be recycled. Reckless disposal of these razors exposes young children to great risks.

Using of a cartridge will result in more cases of razor burns. You need to have a blade that is not dull if you are to minimize the risk of the burns. Bacteria tend to accumulate in cartridges resulting in various skin health problems.

Your skin will experience acne when the choice of your shaving instrument is a cartridge blade. Your skin oils are deposited in the open spaces in your body. To attain the same outcome, you only apply the safety razor just a few times.

It is possible to use a safety razor on your head. The areas around the chin are more accessible using a cartridge.

You are more likely to lacerate your skin if you are not skilled in using of safety razor. Position the razor to move along the grain to avoid that risk. The best outcome when using a safety razor is understanding the correct angle to position the blade.

Carrying of safety razors is not permitted during flights. Cartridge razors are not considered prohibited items in a plane.

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