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Positive Trends in the E-Sport World

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This year gives a breath of fresh air to the world of eSport, especially in America and Europe. In particular, there is a trend of brands, especially non-endemic, which plunge and contribute to eSport. And for ceme online lovers we also present the best sportbook game for you.

As information for those who are still unfamiliar with the term non-endemic brand, basically this is a brand that makes products that are not directly related to the production process or the activity of playing eSport. In contrast, endemic sponsors are product brands that are used directly in eSport such as software, computer components, as well as regular sponsors.

For ceme game lovers, we are now presenting online slot games for enthusiasts in Indonesia. This site is guaranteed to be safe in dealing with agen poker terpercaya services as well as easy and fast. Following developments in Q1, The Esports Observer reported that there were 82 contracts in April-June, an increase of 7% compared to the previous 76 sponsorship contracts. Compared to the same period in 2018, with 48 contracts, there was a 68% increase.

Compared to the previous quarter, several well-known local brands such as Bud Light, Marvel Entertainment, Chase, Microsoft, and Ticketmaster were also engaged in the eSport world.

Food and Beverage Brand (F&B)

Food and Beverage is a quite interesting category to discuss, especially because there are several sponsorship contracts that are fun to highlight.

Alcohol remains the most prominent brand. First started by Anheuser-Busch InBev sponsoring the Overwatch League throughout 2019. This contractual agreement makes Bud Light the first Beer Official to appear everywhere except in China, and has the right to sponsor TV broadcasts.

His rival, MillerCoors, did not stand still and collaborated with Complexity Gaming to have the Miller Lite Player Lounge inside its headquarters in Frisco, Texas and create a series of content Together.

On the food aspect, the most prominent is Chipotle Mexican Grill in collaboration with DreamHack and ESL, which is included in the Chipotle Championship Series Esports tournament. In addition, there is one well-known wafer brand, Kitkat, that works with Overwatch League’s Los Angeles Valiant and sponsors tournaments to create 10 web-series content.

Apparel, Apparel, and Apparel

One of the most surprising (positively) is that the top brand of Marvel Entertainment, which is owned by Disney, has a partnership with Team Liquid. This is the biggest news outside the non-endemic brand that occurred in the second quarter of 2019, and immediately made apparel production.

Puma and Cloud 9 also entered into a joint contract sponsorship agreement in May, with a nominal “eight digit figure in USD” and will make Puma an increasingly leading brand in the eSport world.

Not to be outdone, Adidas also sponsors the Spanish organization, the Heretics Team, which will sell their jersey directly in Madrid in June.

Sponsorship Contributions in the Financial Sector

Financial and service applications are also moving towards the eSport industry in Q2 2019, through the collaboration of several mobile payment applications against top teams. Some brands that plunge in Q2 2019 are Cash APP which sponsors 100 content Thieves in Los Angeles and Mid solo teams that have made a partnership agreement with Venmo App from Paypal.

Quicken Loan’s Rocket Mortgage has also announced to sponsor the LCS summer Finals. Interestingly, news from China is that Invictus Gaming aka (IG) partnered with Shanghai Pudong Development (SPD) to conduct credit card co-branding in China.

The arrival of new giants Outside of brands that have been categorized as food and beverages or fintech, there are also several well-known brands outside of non-endemic who have contributed through sponsorships in Q2 2019.

Here are some things that we highlight:

● Cloud 9 and Microsoft made a partnership to create applications and technologies using the cloud-based Azure platform. Later data from the game will be used for the benefit of the player. This deal makes the Microsoft logo emblazoned on Cloud 9’s Jerseys.

● Ticketmaster renewed contract for NBA Golden State Warrior. Because Warrior also has an eSport team called Golden Guardian, Ticketmaster also gets its portion to show their logos in the eSport world.

● Interestingly, Complexity Gaming agreed to do a partnership with the United States of Army, which ended in a boot-camp event to be held at the GameStop Performance Center to conduct eSport training and Army-based tournaments.

● There is another side, the world of agriculture and garden tools, John Deere, announcing that he will sponsor one of the teams competing in the Farming Simulator, which will start in August. All of this is certainly good news for the world of eSport. The increasing number of incoming sponsors is clearly expected to encourage the growth of the eSport ecosystem. Will this positive trend continue? Hopefully!

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