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Ranking the Star Wars Films From Worst to Ideal

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The only factor Star Wars supporters appreciate far more than Star Wars is arguing about which Star Wars movies are the best. So to settle this dispute and deliver peace to the galaxy, the IGN Films Council convened to debate and vote on which of the stay-action theatrical movies are bantha poodoo and which have endless ability. And now we present to you the benefits. Here’s our position of all the Star Wars films!

You can examine out our position by seeing the video clip in the participant over, flipping by means of the slideshow underneath, or keep scrolling to read it as an report.

Rating the Star Wars Movies From Worst to Finest

11. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

After 4 decades and eight episodes, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was meant to deliver the Skywalker Saga to a enjoyable conclusion, but in its place of likely out with a bang, it finished with anything extra akin to that noise the Sarlacc pit manufactured immediately after feeding on a bounty hunter.

Basically set, the film just does not work. It is total of unearned moments, inconsequential characters, and plot twists that harm your head the additional you consider about them. And never get us started off on Chewie’s dying fakeout! But hey, at least Babu Frik.

Yet what genuinely would make Episode IX a complicated watch is its deficiency of determination to the situations of The Last Jedi, and so we view as the plot bends more than backwards to rewrite Star Wars lore, instead than building off what arrived ahead of to provide lovers a a lot more fitting conclusion.

10. Star Wars: Assault of the Clones

Though Star Wars: Assault of the Clones may perhaps have an interesting title, it is one of the most boring videos in the franchise, even with its redeeming characteristics. Watching Obi-Wan Kenobi enjoy Jedi-detective as he investigates the Separatist motion and the enigmatic Depend Dooku is the emphasize of the movie. Not to mention some wonderful action sequences, which include the chase through Coruscant, the Jedi/Bounty Hunter struggle on Kamino, and a genuinely wizard duel that includes the frog-hopping Master Yoda.

But the movie is otherwise bogged down by uneven pacing, wooden dialogue, and “dramatic” moments that wind up remaining unintentionally funny. There’s no superior case in point of all this than Anakin and Padme’s snoozefest of a romance. What was supposed to be a enjoy value sacrificing the galaxy for, as a substitute ends up building us want to stick our heads in the sand.

In the conclusion, Episode II is more fondly remembered for the matters established up in the bigger Star Wars canon–looking at you, Clone Wars–than for how good of a movie it is on its own merits.

9. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Whilst we’ll generally adore Star Wars: The Phantom Menace for bringing Star Wars again to the masses in 1999 and introducing a total new generation to a galaxy significantly, far away, that does not suggest it’s as sturdy a trilogy-starter as A New Hope or The Drive Awakens. Never get us completely wrong, the movie receives credit history for introducing franchise staples, this kind of as the Jedi Order and the town-planet of Coruscant, though continuing the series’ custom of peerless visual consequences and audio. Who doesn’t really like the podrace and the Duel of the Fates?

But the praise dries up speedier than a closing Naboo palace protection door [soundup of the door closing] when you get started to consider the boring political plot, clunky storytelling, and a forged entire of ill-conceived figures. From the cringey antics of Jar Jar Binks to the over-the-leading enthusiasm of a far too youthful Anakin Skywalker, not to point out the overstuffed third act that struggles to juggle 4 distinctive conflicts. Episode I hardly ever appears to go very long without the need of using yet an additional misstep.

8. Solo: A Star Wars Story

Whilst Rogue 1 gave followers hope for the “A Star Wars Story” subtitle, the anthology angle would be swiftly shelved by Lucasfilm right after the lousy reception to its second entry, basically titled “Solo.” In which its predecessor built the sensible decision to target additional on new people though permitting for cameos of franchise favorites, Solo took the opposite route, casting Alden Ehrenreich as 1 of the series’ most beloved protagonists, Han Solo, and inquiring audiences to purchase in. Spoiler: they did not.

Drawing unfastened inspiration from the AC Crispin novels of the Legends period, Ehrenreich’s earnest choose on the galaxy’s scruffiest nerf-herder was not negative, but amongst the uninspired plot and the ho-hum stakes, the film as a whole surely experienced place for improvement. Eventually, Solo felt like it was striving to reply a whole lot of concerns that no one questioned, and the ones that experienced been have been most likely better still left unanswered, anyhow.

As with all Star Wars motion pictures, there are points to appreciate about it. If you have to recast Lando Calrissian, putting Donald Glover underneath the cape is an encouraged selection, and the levitating educate heist is a fantastic time, but ultimately Solo proves to be a “one and done” variety of Star Wars tale.

7. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith retains lots of of the hallmark flaws of the prequels: goofy dialogue, pacing difficulties, an overreliance on CGI–but it does locate significantly far more success in generating the viewers feel some thing. The execution of Buy 66 brings serious dramatic weight to the conclusion of the Clone Wars, as we see firsthand the tragedy that changed the destiny of the galaxy eternally. Watching weak Master Yoda clutch his tiny frog coronary heart gets us just about every time.

Even nevertheless Episode III has some undeniable strengths, it’s commonly undermined by its weaknesses. Anakin’s downfall does not come to feel as convincing as it ought to, mainly thanks to the muted romance with Padme. The Jedi Order’s late discovery of Palpatine’s treachery–when it is so blatantly obvious–make them seem incompetent at the worst time. And whilst Ewan McGregor sells Obi-Wan’s devastating heartbreak in the course of his fiery duel with Anakin, 1 great efficiency is not very adequate to wash out the style of the other people. Nonetheless, Revenge of the Sith is the strongest of the prequel trilogy, in large portion thanks to its quite a few memorable times, and we have to credit history it for that.

6. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Power Awakens was Disney’s initially try to rekindle the magic of the first trilogy, and it did… but possibly a minor as well a great deal. The Pressure Awakens is usually criticized for a plot that borrows also closely from A New Hope, and when that may be correct, the film works by using those people acquainted elements–a Picked One from a desert world, an military of space fascists, a world that is also a large laser canon–as a foundation to make one thing new.

But whilst it does introduce new planets, new aliens, and new lightsaber layouts, Episode VII’s new figures are its finest contribution to the collection. Its heroes Rey, Finn, Poe, and BB-8 give the movie a lot of its charm, and the darkish and mysterious marriage involving Kylo Ren and Supreme Leader Snoke that gives it its menace. Whilst you can nitpick the particulars of the plot, the movie ultimately realized its goal: it designed Star Wars fun and exciting again.

5. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One particular: A Star Wars Tale proves that stories in the Star Wars universe do not need to have to revolve around the Jedi Get or Skywalker family members drama to be a strike. Jyn Erso and her ragtag team of unlikely rebels made a potent effect on the viewers prior to conference a noble stop, and their theft of the first Dying Star ideas was not only an participating adventure from start to finish but a potent shift in tone for the franchise–one that definitely set the “war” into Star Wars.

On the other hand, even if you did not know that the movie experienced rather a large amount of behind-the-scenes artistic problems, you in all probability found them. The tale has various deadends and contradictions, none additional egregious than the plotline involving Noticed Gerrera–what is his job in the film supposed to be, precisely? Yet inspite of these noticeable flaws, Rogue A person arrives collectively in the end, providing one particular of the very best third act battles in a franchise comprehensive of definitely incredible third act battles. Darth Vader has under no circumstances been far more badass than in these final moments–even if it does muddy the waters of the opening to A New Hope if you feel about it for additional than a second.

4. Star Wars: The Past Jedi

As Star Wars: The Final Jedi’s sole credited author and director – a cinematic distinction shared only by George Lucas – Rian Johnson place an authorial stamp on the galaxy far, significantly absent that couple of in the Star Wars world at any time get to attempt–and the result was the best–and most hotly debated–Star Wars movie since the first trilogy.

The strategies Johnson moved the parts JJ Abrams established in enjoy challenged several pillars of the mythology: the Selected One archetype, Luke’s heroic popularity, the crystal clear delineation of dim and mild. Even though it suffers from a meandering espionage subplot and a ticking clock dilemma that could be solved with a small little bit of interaction, The Last Jedi also boasts dazzling motion sequences and an especially prosperous and psychological storyline concerning Luke Skywalker, Rey, and Kylo Ren.

Extra than just about anything, The Very last Jedi is admirable in its unwavering enthusiasm for Star Wars’ likely. With the theme of relocating on from the previous at the coronary heart of everything it does, the movie wraps up with a peace and intent that couple other films in the series discover. Echoing the lately-redeemed Luke Skywalker observing the binary sunset of his isolated youth in his ultimate times, a anonymous womp rat of a kid on Cantonica raises a defiant broom – of course, broom! – to a galaxy which he feels empowered to be a aspect of, whether or not or not he has a famed previous name.

3. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Right after leaving supporters on a large cliffhanger in Episode V, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi experienced to supply equally a satisfying followup and a fitting ending for our beloved heroes and villains, and that’s exactly what it did.

There’s the self-contained rescue mission exactly where two robots and a wizard go to a criminal offense lord’s palace and check out to steal a piece of wall art (that just so occurs to have a specified scoundrel trapped in it). There’s the exhilarating speeder bicycle chase by way of a dense and fatal forest. And absolutely sure, there are some questionable bits. The revelation that Luke and Leia are siblings even though they smooched ahead of. The gigantic room battle and destruction of still yet another ball-formed tremendous weapon. And then there’s the Ewoks, who could have been shoehorned in to enchantment to youngsters, but in the finish form of gain you about simply because they are an lovely-on-the-floor-but-ultimately-murderous gang of tree bears who engage in drums on the skulls of their enemies.

It all culminates in a single of the ideal and most vital lightsaber fights in the series, among father and son and overseen by a seething Emperor trying to tear them apart, even though it’s he who unites them. Yeah, it’s campy, but underneath it all are some serious conflicts and finally bittersweet goodbyes to some of the most legendary people in motion picture history.

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2. Star Wars: A New Hope

Engrossing, going, endlessly rewatchable Star Wars: A New Hope is the a single that started out it all. Established in a galaxy wherever the evil Empire has already won and the heroic Jedi Knights are only a memory, George Lucas started off setting up his grand sci-fi saga from the center out. The hermit Ben Kenobi wistfully recollects the days of the Clone Wars to farmboy Luke Skywalker, and bemoans the incivility of blasters in comparison to the a lot more exquisite lightsaber. It gave the earth of the tale a lived-in experience and the seemingly inescapable grip of the Empire casts an air of despair about the A New Hope, just one personified by the villain to conclusion all villains: Darth Vader.

A New Hope blends aspects of sci-fi, fantasy, Western, Samurai, and war films with revolutionary visible consequences that laid the groundwork for blockbusters as we know them nowadays. It is as considerably a visible accomplishment as it is a narrative a person, and brought collectively with John Williams’ famous rating, Episode IV is a single of the finest films ever made, yet it is only quantity two on this checklist. Which is correct, there is another…

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back again continues to be the gold standard of Star Wars films. With A New Hope owning planted the seeds for the franchise, Empire blossoms in thrilling and astonishingly darkish manner. As a relentless Darth Vader hunts the heroes of the Rebel Alliance, we’re handled to Han and Leia’s screwball romance, as perfectly as Luke’s education underneath the out-of-his-intellect-just-kidding-Jedi-Learn Yoda. And Empire deepens our sense of what the Power is: not just a telekinetic press or a trick of the head, but a spiritual ability that connects all daily life.

Episode V expands the Star Wars universe in a lot of ways: new planets, new aliens, Imperial walkers, bounty hunters–all the though telling an fascinating, multilayered tale. And the stakes of that tale really don’t hinge on a world-destroying weapon or the destiny of the galaxy, but on extra particular conflicts, like how significantly its characters are ready to sacrifice for the bigger very good, or currently being known as to a undertaking they may possibly not be organized for. That latter place is sorted out in a tense, drawn-out lightsaber duel via the bowels of Cloud City, resulting in a a single-two punch of dismemberment and revelation that continue to ranks between the most unforgettable cinematic times of all time. Star Wars just does not get improved than this.

And that is IGN’s ranking of all the Star Wars movies. Do you agree? Or do you have a bad emotion about this rating? Enable us know how you would rank them in the opinions.

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