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The Telltale Signs That you Have Toxic Relationship with Your Family and How to Handle it

Although it is uncommon for people to say that they have toxic family members, it happens most of the time in family set up. The toxic family member can be your sibling your parent or immediate relative and it is their actions such as manipulation, neediness criticism, jealousy that may cause stress on you. The article highlights some of the notable signs that you are feeling depressed as a result of a toxic relationship with your family member.

When you do not have any positive feelings around your relative, it may be an indicator that they are toxic. Nothing positive will ever come from a toxic family member and they will always find a way to make you feel guilty. You need to be careful of the feelings that you are left with whenever you have an interaction with any of your sibling or parent and when you feel guilty, shamed, and regretful and depressed, you should evaluate that relationship.

When you always find excuses not to stay with any of your family member then it might show that they are having a role to play with your depression. Naturally, humans are social beings and they would love to spend time with their family members anytime that they can get. Developing cold shoulders during any of the family interaction and failure to interact with them can be a sign that you are not getting along.

Adulthood requires that everyone to become responsible for their action and to manage their life effectively. Any family member that fails to take care of their problems and who wants to be handled as children may make you feel overwhelmed.

You might think that emotional draining can only result from a romantic relationship but it also appears in the family relationships. When every time after talking with your close family you feel sad, distressed and uncofmrtable, then it shows that things are not in order. The reason why you might feel emotionally drained is because of the negative thoughts and emotions that dominates the discussion.

When most of the times you are unhappy after meeting with your family member then they could be the reason for your unhappiness. You need to evaluate your relationship and also try to find out if you are the problem. You should not constantly feel stressed as a result of the action of the other and you need to openly discuss about it and if possible draw limits to that relationship.

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