March 29, 2023


Without Art It's Really Boring!!!

Songs, arts and crafts will increase to Truckhenge’s menagerie this weekend

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Audio will fill the air Friday, Saturday and Sunday as arts, crafts and the usual menagerie of eclectic, recycled sculptures recognised as Truckhenge can be viewed on Lessman’s Farm, 4124 N.E. Brier Highway.

The event will element a live stage with more than 20 bands, an electronical dance music stage (also acknowledged as a rave) with 18 disc jockeys and a hip-hop phase with more than 30 masters of ceremony and DJs. A lot of are from out of condition.

A fireworks show, bonfire, dwell painters, jugglers, fireplace breathers and a glass blower will be incorporated.

A camping place for people who would like to expend the night time, will be on web page. 

Meals sellers will have Indian tacos, barbeque, Hawaiian foodstuff and other tasty goods to pick out from.

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