March 27, 2023


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That ‘I Hate Alabama’ song is music to Tide fans’ ears

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Bryant-Denny Stadium might have solved its playlist problem, after all, thanks to one Tennessee fan who hates the Tide.

In fact, the stadium should consider blaring Nashville country singer Conner Smith’s new “I Hate Alabama” song early and often during home games, because Bama fans love nothing more than reveling in the misery of the rest of the SEC. Put it on repeat.

“Its that one game every year where I drink a little more beer,” Smith utters in the opening verse of the sullen ballad. “It’s over ‘for its over if we go there or they come here.”

Yes. More. More!

Honestly, you’ve got to love Smith’s humility. There’s nothing better in college football when fans can look inward and have some self-awareness and a laugh about the plight of their program and “rivalry.” And even after the Tide’s tough loss to Texas A&M last week, this might be music to their ears to get them out of the dumps.

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There’s a Twitter account called @SinceUTBeatBama that gives daily reminder of just how long it’s been since Tennessee beat Alabama in a football game, to the day. We’re currently at 5,470 days, and counting.

Smith sings the same in his song, that this beatdown has occurred “since ‘06.”

“I hate Alabama,” the chorus starts. “I hate Crimson Red. And I hate how they say Roll Tide when I got a Braves hat on my head.”

Listen, we can all identify. What Alabama fan hasn’t been mistaken for a Braves fan when they’re outside of the state that can tell the difference between the script A’s?

“And I love Lynyrd Skynyrd, but lord I hate Sweet Home ‘cause when I hear it all I see is a girl with houndstooth on.”

We understand. “Dixieland Delight” is the fan base’s one true stadium anthem, but we must come to terms with the whole “on a Tennessee Saturday night” thing. Yes, the band Alabama sang it, but do Vol fans have a claim to it?

“In the stands in Tuscaloosa, might’ve lost by twenty two, but I hate Alabama, ‘cause that’s where I lost you.”

Wait, this is sad. Bama fans don’t mind kicking rival fan bases while they’re down, but they certainly wouldn’t wish this heartache on anyone. There are plenty of fish in the SEC, pal. Is there a college football dating app out there? We must help this poor soul.

If nothing else, you’ve got to hand it to Smith for rhyming “Girl you had this Tennessean Seein’ ten years down the road.” That is Southern poetry worthy of the region’s finest scribes. Could Pat Conroy or Flannery O’Connor have pulled that off? If so, they left it be, to let Smith have his day in the sun.

Breakup songs are par for the course in country music, but blending it with the Third Saturday in October brings a tear to our eye.

Watch and listen to Smith’s song in the video above. Feel his pain. The young man probably wasn’t even old enough to smoke a cigar the last time the Vols got the best of Bama, back in ‘06 when the iPhone was but a mere glimmer in the eye of Steve Jobs and the PlayStation 3 would come out in just a few weeks.

It’s hard to tell down here when you see someone brokenhearted, and you don’t know if their girlfriend just called it quits with them or Terrence Cody just blocked his second field goal to thwart an upset.

Bama fans love the trash talk via song. One Miami fan’s two-minute diss track of the Crimson Tide was viewed more than one million times before the Tide stomped the Hurricanes in Atlanta. “We ain’t scared of you, and you know it’s true…Tide fans in denial. They ain’t got a clue,” rapped “Coop” in his Miami orange and green armed with a giant spoon and a grill. “This is gonna be how the game’s gonna go,” the diss track goes. “Bama fans, keep up because you kinda slow.”

Not to be outdone, UA English instructor Brian Oliu clapped back with his own diss track, more of a spoken word flamethrower meant to put “Coop” and the Miami fan base back in their place. “Flo Milli, Rich Boy, Doe B, The Last Mr. Bigg, G-Side, Dirty, Gucci Mane, & YBN Nahmir were all too busy to respond to @TheCoachCoop’s brutal assault on our beloved Crimson Tide so I took it upon myself to defend Alabama’s honor,” Oliu, decked out in a beautiful Alabama Starter jacket (with the Vault A logo) tweeted with his immaculate retort.

Smith wrote a catchy tune that even has the Bama fans swaying on social media. And the artist has a great sense of humor about it.

And if you want to hear it live, Conner Smith will perform in Alabama in 2021. He already performed at Tin Roof in Birmingham this week, but fear not because he will return when he plays Zydeco in Birmingham Dec. 10. See the rest of his tour dates.

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