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Some Unique Tech Predictions to look out for

Technology is always evolving and at a fast pace too, each year there are new mind-blowing inventions. In fact it’s funny how some inventions catch you by surprise when you see what they can do. The year may be ending but it’s only the beginning of some new inventions that will make you feel life is worth living. The following are technologies are something to look out for in the couple of months to come. If you have been reading of foldable technology, you might not have to for long because it is close to becoming a reality.

Looking at smartphones they started as big and bulky but over time they have changed to be smaller and now people opt for the smartphones with larger screen sizes . the foldable technology is going to give you a phone that you can fold, you get much more screen size without the bulk like that of a tablet. Looking at the consumer trends today, this technology is bound to take the market by storm because people are looking to have the most efficient and sophisticated gadgets on them. Virtual reality technology made its debut some two years ago but it did not hit the spot for many despite having some very mind-blowing products.

Virtual reality looks like it has a long way to go but augmented reality looks very promising. Another technology top look out for will be the 5G connections and 5G capable phones, this is going to revolutionize the way people get and share their content. Ever since gadgets like phones and computers came into production when upgrades are made you have to buy a new version of the product. If you are loyal to the apple mac you do not have to buy a new computer from 2019 as all you will need is an accessory that will allow you to upgrade into the new version. HD TVs changed the way people described watching television in terms of picture quality.

4K has revolutionized the way people enjoy picture quality even further what’s more the 4K TV sets re becoming more and more affordable such that anyone can have one. Streaming options are diversifying 4K offerings which means that everything that people will be watching will be of the best quality. Looking at the direction that technology is taking, its only right to say that the future is looking brighter. Being an early adopter has its advantages, its crucial to stay up to date on the kind of technology being availed in the market. Technology is here to stay, enjoy the best version of it.

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