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Developing a Sense of Love in Your Grand Children

Love is one of the major lessons you can teach your grandchild. If your grand child learn love lessons from you they are likely to develop positive attitude towards those that they meet and form positive relationship with their peers. Besides children who learn love from their grandchild will develop self confidence their self esteem will be high. Self esteem and confidence are important pillars in the emotional health of any person and plays a critical role on growth and development. As such if you want your grandchildren to develop these attributes it will be necessary that you ensure that they learn love lessons from you. Since you will not have structured love lessons in your home you will find ways of ensuring that you pass the knowledge and attitude through informal way s of doing things. This may seem easy but it is not. What makes it a bit hard is the fact that young ones will always require to be punished since once in a while they will always be in the wrong. Ideally the methods that adults use to punish young ones in the wrong may not be attractive since they will sometimes have to cane or deny them something that they love. Since the result will be an emotional distance between the child and the parent it will be hard to tell your child about love. However there are ways that you can use so that your every action becomes a love lesson to them. Click more in this homepage to learn this is list of how you can teach your grandchild about love.

Start by showing your grandchildren love in the way you punish them. If for example you have to cane them ask them to look for a cane that is of their favorite color. Doing this will show your grandchildren that you still express love even when you are extremely angry

The next way of communicating lessons about love is preparing them their favorite snacks. One way of doing this is preparing these snacks with the help of your grandchildren or when they are away and then deliver the snacks to them as a pleasant surprise. In most cases you will realize that they will be appreciative of the time that you spent to prepare them the snacks. These simple acts are instrumental at communicating lessons about love to your grandchildren.

Lastly take time to be with them. To do this choose an activity that you can do together or a place that you ca visit and give them more info on love together.

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