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Useful Gadgets for Creating Online Content

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Creating quality and engaging online content is no longer peculiar to movie houses, television stations or music promoters. Nowadays, anyone can create contents, from visual arts, vlogs, YouTube tutorials, adverts (text or video promotions), reaching millions of viewers within a short period. Some online contents are, however, created for fun while some content creators make it a profession. Gadgets with powerful specifications are needed to ensure the delivery of quality online contents. Below are some of the important gadgets every content creator must have:

1.  A powerful Computer

Online-contents that deal with videos or photos require a computer with great processing speed, sufficient storage space, RAM and quality Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Creating online video contents, for instance, requires editing and rendering, which can only be achieved when the computer is powerful enough to run software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro. Such computers must also have quality resolutions, preferably with a widescreen and LED-backlit.

2.  Smartphones

Smartphones have become commonplace nowadays, but not all smartphones can be used to increase income with a no deposit bonus or to create online content. Vloggers need high-end smartphones with good camera quality, and Instagram fans to capture interesting moments for their viewers to see. Smartphones used for online content should also have a long battery life and storage capacity. It should also have quality software for written content, light image and video editing, and internet connectivity.

3.  External storage devices

External storage devices are crucial for content creators. A lifetime worth of files can be lost in case of theft or damage of your laptop or smartphones. It is therefore important to have your files backed up on external storage devices as losing your files can be disastrous. An external storage device can also be used when you do not have enough disk space on your laptop.

4.  High Resolutions Camera

Quality pictures and videos for online contents requires quality high resolutions camera. If you need your online contents to be captivating, then you need to get the best camera you can afford to achieve this. Mirrorless cameras are preferable because they are easy to carry around, produces great image quality 4K video quality and have many lens options to choose from. Outdoor blogging requires a different type of camera, like a GoPro Hero Camera. YouTubers, Instagram enthusiasts and bloggers can purchase cameras like the CanonSL2 or Sony A6600 for their content creation. Smartphones with good camera quality can also be used in case your budget cannot cover the price of a quality camera.

5.  Standard video and photo editing software

Capturing photos or recording videos may not be enough when talking about online contents. So many times, the recorded videos and photos need to be edited to achieve the best possible quality. Captions may also be required on some of the pictures and subtitles on the videos. A standard video, audio and photo editing software is therefore required to make your contents unique, original and appealing. Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw are all examples of video and image editing software that can be used to create amazing video, image, and graphics content. 

6.  Quality Microphones

Podcasting is a unique type of online content. It requires audio contents and ensuring your audio content is quality enough requires a good microphone to capture your podcast and filter noise as much as possible. A good microphone is also a necessity if you are making contents for vlogs or vocal music recordings. There is no point in shooting a quality video with poor sound or audio quality. A variety of microphones are available for content creators on Proshop at very low prices.


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