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Wedding Photographer Who Deleted Bride and Groom’s Pictures Breaks Silence

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A wedding photographer who went viral after detailing how she deleted a newlywed couple’s photos from their big day has broken her silence on social media.

In a post published to Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole” forum last month, the photographer detailed how she took the decision to delete the wedding snaps after being denied a 20-minute break “to get something to eat and drink.”

The woman, who described herself as a “dog groomer” by trade, said she had agreed to shoot the event for a flat $250 fee as a favor to the bride and groom.

However, things turned sour after she asked the groom for a break only to be told she needed to “either be a photographer or leave without pay.” She chose the latter option, deleting the pictures she had taken throughout the course of the day-long event in the process.

Despite the severity of her response, the woman found herself inundated with messages of support on Reddit with many hitting out at the behavior of the bride and groom.

Now she has returned to the forum to provide an update on how the situation has developed since her last post.

Posting under the handle IcyReserve6995, the photographer revealed that after their honeymoon the bride contacted her to hear her “side of the story.”

According to the post, the groom “wasn’t truthful” with his bride when it came to what happened on their big day, telling her the photos were lost due to “camera problems.”

The photographer refused to let that slide though.

“I told her plainly what happened and told her that while I felt guilty, it’s no way to treat someone doing them a favor,” she wrote. “She wasn’t in the know about any of this, and asked if there was any way we could mend this.”

After having a clear-the-air chat, they agreed to a deal that will see the couple pay the photographer to shoot some brand new photos of the newlyweds. “She offered me the original $250, and I agreed under the condition I bail at word one of crap from either of them,” the photographer explained.

The bride also declined her offer to try and recover the deleted pictures from an SD card on her camera, with the pair agreeing to sweep what happened “under the rug” and move on.

The photographer also revealed that, despite the difficulties of the day itself, she has landed some extra work as a result of her efforts, with both the wedding DJ and church minister hiring her for jobs off the back of the event. “Not sure if I’m cut out for anything but pet stuff but it’s nice to have got something out of this ordeal at least,” she concluded.

The post, which has been upvoted 12,800 times, sparked yet more debate over the wedding day drama, with some questioning the fee agreed and others critical of the groom’s attempts at covering up the incident.

Reasonable_Tax2446 commented: “You basically worked many hours at the wedding, did not get a break or any food, and didn’t get paid when the groom caused problems. Now you’re going to work again for them, for the $250 that was too little before?”

BlingBlingBoy0519 agreed: “I’d be telling her $250 for the current photo shoot and another $50-$100 for wasting my time at the wedding and treating me like s***.” DiTrastevere, meanwhile, turned the focus on the groom writing: “I’d be rethinking the whole damn marriage. Especially because hubby dearest has been telling everyone a twisted version of the story.”

“Either this bride is more aware of what went down than she’s letting on and is trying to save face now that there are consequences, or she’s a complete doormat.”

Elsewhere, Backgrounding-Cat was surprised the bride “didn’t want to try saving the photos” with tri220987 agreeing it was “very odd.”

Rendahlyn suggested it could simply be down to the fact they were getting married on the tight budget and may have been “embarrassed” by the groom’s behaviour.

Newsweek has contacted IcyReserve6995 for comment.

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Photographer looking through set of prints.
Stock image of a photographer looking through a selection of prints – a wedding photographer who recently went viral after deleting a newlywed couple’s entire collection of pictures has revealed she has spoken to the bride.


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