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Hilarious Weed Slogan that Would Serve you Right

In most cases you might find that medicinal marijuana is ample in use as compared to other methods of use. Most states might have made legal for medicinal purposes only. There are firms that tend to test for the alcohol and drug content in your blood. In man instances this type of companies tend t ensure their employees pay very well. People have come up with funny slogans which detail why it is important to legalize weed. Reading them would sure elicit some laughter which would be god for you. More and more benefits are coming up considering that it is undergoing some research.

Experts are conducting research where weed would be instrumental in alleviating anxiety and depression. This has endeared it more and more to the general populace and it would be about time the federal government legalizes it. It is important to note that legalization has been highly influenced by slogans. Among them the most used is dare to legalize. People have been raising there voices for marijuana legalization since time immemorial. This has been a long way coming since people can now be able to use medical marijuana as compared to older years where it was actually illegal in all accounts.

One of the slogan being 1234 we don’t need a drug war. Considering the amount of money that is used annually to fight drug increase then this slogan tends to facilitate keeping it at bay. The slogan simply denotes using this amount into ensuring that It would inject that money in controlling the amount of marijuana in circulation which would ensure that it is legal. The other known one is free the weed which ensures that people are able to get the weed legalized. In all accounts not one death has been attributed to weed smoking or weed use. Pot prisoners are political prisoners.

Another one of those slogans is aimed at people incarcerated due to weed. It would be important to note some of this laws have been there for a long time . In more instances you will find that some celebs have added there voice in this cause. Bob Marley for one said that the herb is a healer for a nation. This has been pivotal in enabling people to perceive herb as actually good in many aspects. He saw weed smoking as a way of being one with oneself hence it was beneficial to him in the long run.

It can also be used in social settings. In some instances you can use it in with friends by passing it around. This would help you find solace and communicate in the long run. Some of them are hilarious to say the least. Barrack Obama once said that some of his best days were spent inhaling when he was a kid and that was actually the point.

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