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the Heart Melting Stories of People Who Survived Cancer

It is important to realize the fact that cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world today. It does not choose who to affect. You will realize that many people have succumbed to death as a result of this monster. You should understand that doctors have their method of detecting this disease and they usually categorize them into phases. You will realize that cancer cells can hardly be identified during the first stage. What happens in the next stage is that the lymph nodes can be used to detect the cells since they migrate through the blood. In the third stage, the surrounding organs are already affected and the cells are found in lymph nodes. One is required to understand that in the last stage, the organs affected plus others which are not close to them are affected hence the stage is typically termed as secondary. One is required to understand that there are chances of surviving cancer when one is diagnosed early and treated as needed. Read more about people who have survived this killer disease.

The first survivor was Cheryl Stack. This young woman was diagnosed with a form of cancer that is linked to HPV. Human papilloma virus is a type of viral infection related to irresponsible sexual behavior. When diagnosed with this disease, Stack faced a lot of stigma from the people around her. At the time of her diagnosis, there were no vaccines against HPV as opposed to now. Later, this lady became an advocate for HPV vaccination that can prevent people from becoming affected with cervical cancer.

You should also know that Shannon Miller was found with ovarian cancer when she was 33 years. It should be noted that Shannon was a gymnast and by the time she found about this deadly disease, she had just won the seventh Olympics medal. You need to understand that this individual felt and ignored several signs of disease before realizing that she was sick. This woman survived the disease due to her experience at the gym. Shannon had learned so much about life skills and perseverance that helped her to survive. Later she became an advocate for cancer screening. She encourages individuals to take care of their bodies and listen to every aspect of it.

You should also know that Aubrey Glencamp is also another case of breast cancer survivor. For males, the signs of breast cancer are prominent and can be felt almost immediately. He talks of how positivity and right attitude helped him to pull through this situation. This individual says how shocking it was to receive the news being that he was a man and the decision of double mastectomy that he made. Aubrey advocated for normalcy for people who have been found to be suffering from cancer.

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