April 1, 2023


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Which Essential Cable Channel Is Worst With Commercials Through Videos?

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The query is as straightforward as it is precise (and random): Which primary cable channel does the most insufferable hatchet position when airing a motion picture?

Now, I know, I know — you can hunt down most any motion picture on Hulu, HBO Max, Paramount+, Disney+ et al, and then check out it uninterrupted. But at times you do not want to offer with solution paralysis and shell out far more time scrolling row of tiles following row of tiles than basically, you know, looking at a thing.

No, occasionally you as a substitute just want to scan your on-display cable guideline for the purple rectangles (their color on FiOS at the very least) and opt for from a mere handful of flicks that are airing at the time of your boredom. You only want to pick out in between, like, Olympus Has Fallen, Bridesmaids, Olympus Has Fallen, The Shawshank Redemption and The Shawshank Redemption. Even greater, you hope to hop on a bit late, so you never have to have to sit as a result of any slow, acquainted prologue and ideally get there correct in time for the great stuff/unforgettable set piece (“It’s coming out of me like lava!!!”).

But male, what a tradeoff that can be, based on which standard cable channel you land on. Due to the fact if streaming and DVRing has taught us something, it is that professional breaks are the worst.

And the only thing worse than simple cable’s frustratingly recurrent, generally sick-timed ad breaks is when they are for the same… dang… products, all… night… long. (I was rewatching some thing on Syfy lately — Spider-Guy: Significantly From Residence, possibly? — and if I noticed the promo for Resident Alien Year 2 as soon as, I noticed it two dozen periods.)

Once again I accept, yes, you can fireplace up a streaming application and scroll-scroll-scrollllll for something that piques your curiosity, from hundreds of options. But does anyone else out there occasionally want — in the curiosity of speedily placing a fifty percent hour of anything into your eyeballs in advance of a favourite present commences, or to set off bedtime — to pick out from a handful of fundamental cable choices, and then endure the self-inficted implications?

And if you are like me, is any just one essential cable channel (Syf, TNT, Freeform, etc.) much more atrocious than other individuals when it arrives to 1) the variety of ad breaks, 2) the placement of them (proper right before that epic combat?!), and 3) the repetitiveness of them? Audio off under!

Coming up future in TVLine Asks (in my head, at the very least): Why does basic cable always demonstrate the WIll Smith/Martin Lawrence Undesirable Boys, and not the seminal 1983 juvie jail flick that verified Sean Penn as a climbing star and released Esai Morales?

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