March 28, 2023


Without Art It's Really Boring!!!

Why do we prevent discovering new music as we get more mature?

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In accordance to an estimate from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, an organisation that signifies the international songs industry, people today all over the world spend on average 20.1 several hours per week listening to audio, up from 18.4 several hours in 2021.

We have more strategies to entry songs than at any time in record and a full earth of unfamiliar styles to take a look at.

The thrill of discovering new tunes and new appears can enrich men and women of all ages.

Besides, most of the time, it isn’t going to.

Our willingness to take a look at new or unfamiliar songs declines with age. Multiple experiments confirm the sentiments of US songwriter and musician Bob Seger:

Present-day new music ain’t received the very same soul
I like that previous time rock ‘n’ roll

Exploring new songs

Lecturers use the expression “open-earedness” to explain our willingness to explore new tunes. Across our life this willingness waxes and wanes.

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