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Tips for Implementing an Aviation Digital Marketing Campaign

The digital marketing tools have yielded impressive results in aviation marketing. As a strategic planner in aviation marketing, one cannot afford to ignore digital marketing as a tool. Digital marketing reaches to a wider audience and target customers. It provides an opportunity for buyer and seller to interact making it easier for the seller to identify the consumer preference. An aviation firm that is able to identify client preference and needs is equally able to resolve them and get the much needed competitive edge. Importantly, with the one on one interaction on a digital platform it is much easier to capture consumer details and create a database. A consumer database can be used to pass product information to the target group of clientele. Consumers always appreciate when information is current, relevant and timely. Below is some information to consider when undertaking digital marketing as an integral part of the firm’s aviation marketing approach.

Historically the telephone was limited to receiving a voice call and faxing information but not so for the mobile phone which has numerous uses. This is especially true if the handheld device is a smartphone. Some of the functions include fund transfer, calling, sending SMS, conducting e-business to mention but a few. The capability of the smartphones, makes the device an effective equipment for transmitting promotional material. By targeting the mobile phone, a firm can use numerous methods to communicate with the clientele. The short messages SMS can be used to enhance the firm’s mobile presence. Through the use of SMS the firm can inform customers about the discounted flight, new routes or any other important information. As a means of communication, the SMS is believed to be more affordable and more successful than the email. People hardly give regard to email messages especially when they suspect it is a promotional one. The SMS allows for short and precise messages which phone owners usually read before deleting.

The aviation marketing approach should also embrace the mobile search optimization. As the firm’s website is being programmed, the web designer should be urged to provide a suitable link between the firm’s website and the handheld devices. In addition, the website should provide an interface for quick response to the clients’ inquiries. This cannot be overlooked since mobile phones are in greater use than conventional computers and laptops.

Mobile search optimization also increases the search engine optimization – SEO ranking of a firm. In response, the firm should ensure their website is tailored towards accommodating mobile link and communication. The disbursement of information should be easily accessed by the laptops as well as the mobile gadgets. A case in point, the videos, and images posted on the website should not overload the handheld devices. Another important consideration is the data-driven marketing tool. The promoters can utilize algorithms and CRM to personalize advertisement to its consumers.

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